In 2016 Elan Media Solutions was appointed to produce video content for Houzz UK, the world’s largest online platform for home renovation and design.

It was an exciting development as it enabled us to branch into a new and exciting sector. Working with Houzz has also always been enjoyable because they have a vibrant young staff with great energy and ideas, but who have always been happy to ask for and accept advice and direction when it comes to video production. Not all companies do this. Some fall into the trap of thinking that because they know their business inside out, they’ll also know best how to film it or convey it in an edit suite. So far it feels like we’ve worked in strong partnership with Houzz people and I think that’s a key reason why the video content production we’ve delivered for them over the past 18 months has worked and been well received.

Working together the way we have has also allowed us to open up the scope of production, which has multiplied the types of content we’ve been able to conceive together, and also the number of languages it’s been produced in.

Initially we started producing English-only video content for Houzz’s UK community but over time our ability to think and operate as a multi-lingual production company has allowed us to apply the same methods to film, produce and edit content natively in French, and now also in German. We’ve also expanded from pure front-end marketing videos to also producing training and instructional videos.

We’re now excited to be travelling to the IMM trade fair in Cologne to film with Houzz’s German pro community. The work we do will extend to them the same video marketing benefits that Houzz has already delivered in the UK and France.

If you need to produce video, either to market your business or as an instructional or training tool, but you’re not sure how it’s going to work or how much it might cost, please get in touch and we’d be more than happy to talk things through in an open and honest way. It’s exactly what we did with Houzz and now almost two years later the working relationship is stronger than ever.